Retailers & Distributors

As a retailer or distributor of batteries and/or electronic equipment, it’s likely you have an obligation to offer a service allowing your customers to return their WEEE and used batteries.

We offer a straightforward, low-cost solution allowing you to meet this requirement whether it’s for batteries and/or WEEE. 


If you sell more than 32kg of portable batteries annually you are required to provide free take-back for your customers. No purchase of batteries is necessary, you are required to take-back every type and make of portable battery.

We provide an information pack, point of sale collateral and battery cans from 5kg to 250kg along with a free national collection service. We are the largest collector and recycler of portable batteries in the country.

If you don’t sell batteries directly, but manufacture or import, you may have an obligation as a battery producer. For more information see Importers & Manufacturers

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We provide an information pack, point of sale collateral and containers for small WEEE along with a low-cost national collection service. We’ll also publicise and promote your premises as part of our national network of local collection points, allowing members of the public to find locations close to them where they can take their WEEE for recycling.


If you import or place household electrical or electronic equipment on the UK market you will probably need to register under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013

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